Top 5 Leading Insurance Company in Indonesia

Insurance Company

Insurance is protection of financial compensation both for life, property, health and so forth. While the Insurance Company is a business enterprise that guarantees financial protection from unexpected incidents and accidental as death, property loss, damage or pain, which involves the payment of regular or premium by the client within a specified period in exchange for a policy that included in the guarantee such protection.

Types of Insurance:

  • Health Insurance: Injuries and sudden death, permanent disability or handicap, national health, long-term health care, dental care and vision.
  • Life Insurance: Mortgage Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, Life Insurance term, universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance and Life Insurance full.
  • Business Insurance: Business owners guarantee, financial guarantee, professional accountability, accountability of employees and directors, Losses and Credit Protection, as well as trade protection.
  • Insurance Place of residence: property, protection of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, insurance houses and land, mortgage lenders and mortgage tenants.
  • Insurance of Transport and Communications: Aviation Insurance, Insurance Computers, Insurance Auto publicly, Marine Insurance, Insurance satellites, Shipping Insurance, Travel Insurance and Vehicle Insurance.
  • Accident insurance: Insurance Including accidents caused by crime, terrorism, war risk, Employment Insurance and Weather Protection.
Top 5 Leading Insurance Company in Indonesia
Types of insurance

5 Leading Insurance Company in Indonesia

If you are looking for the best insurance protection company and reliable, the following are five best insurance company in Indonesia which could be a reference for you.
  1. Allianz Indonesia - Allianz is the Finance Company and asset management ranks first worldwide insurance sector. By opening a representative office in Indonesia in 1981, Allianz started its operations in 1989 and is a financial company established PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a general insurance company. Then further into the business of Health Insurance, Life and Pension Fund by establishing PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996. And now the Allianz insurance company develops its products on the protection of Group Insurance sector, Sharia and Insurance Bank.
  2. Prudential Indonesia - Prudential Indonesia is a subsidiary of Prudential plc, a leading financial companies in the UK. In 1995, Prudential plc set up a company engaged in the life insurance industry under the name of PT Prudential Life Assurance in Indonesia. Then Prudential Indonesia launched the first insurance products associated with investment in 1999. Some prudential insurance products such as Life Insurance, Traditional Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, Health Insurance and Endowment expected to meet and complement the needs of its customers in Indonesia.
  3. Commonwealth Indonesia - Since 1992 serving customers with PT Asuransi Jiwa Sedaya name, then in June 2007 acquired by Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of the companies finance the leading financial services provider that controls the banking and insurance industries in Australia and renamed PT Commonwealth Life (Commonwealth Life). Commonwealth Life continues to develop insurance products and services such as savings and investment in the program link unit (Investra Link), traditional life insurance (Danatra Sejahtera, Danatra Scholar), protection, protection of credit and savings (COMM Protection), accident insurance program, guarantees care hospitalization and critical illness.
  4. AIG Indonesia - AIG or American International Group, Inc. is an international insurance companies that develop business and serve customers in more than 100 countries. In Indonesia, the insurance company AIG has two types of insurance products including Individual Insurance: Travel Insurance, Personal Vehicle Insurance, Personal Accident and Health Insurance. Business Insurance: Global and Major Risks Solutions, Single and Special Risks, Corporate Auto Protection Plus, and Corporate Travel and Accident and Health care.
  5. AXA Mandiri - Starting from the life insurance business in 2004 AXA Mandiri's success continued with the construction of the general insurance business in 2011. AXA Mandiri now more robust and complete as well as continue to focus on serving a variety of solutions according to the needs of Customers, both investment services sector, finance, and asset protection solutions and soul. Mandiri AXA insurance products are divided into two categories, namely Personal Solutions and Business Solutions.

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